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Besides general advisory services to all residents and non-residents our GESTORIA offers a full service for many common administrative procedures like:

  • - Applying for an NIE-number or TIE, we can prepare everything down to the last detail and if desired we can also take you to the relevant authorities.

  • - Applying for a SIP card (necessary for medical treatments in Spain), we guide you through the whole process from the moment you receive your S-1 to registration with the Spanish health insurance agency.

  • - The transfer of Utilities and/or Municipal taxes in your name, e.g. when moving house, purchasing a property or changing banks.

  • - Applying for a new municipal habitability declaration or energy label.

  • - Converting and/or renewing your driving licence, converting your vehicle registration certificate, entering cars, etc. Sunflower CostaBlanca is an official partner /collaborator for Tráfico (Traffic Office).

  • - Organise the entire process of applying for a commercial rental licence.

  • - Written, non-official, translations from Dutch, English and German into Spanish and vice-versa, e.g. purchase or rental agreements, quotations, etc. If a sworn translation or another language is required, we can refer you to a local reliable agency with sworn interpreters.

  • - Independent translation at the notary and if desired we can also handle everything else!

  • - General interpreting service (only when staff is available).


Our core activity: Fiscal administration, accounting and periodical tax presentations for both residents (private and small businesses) as well as non-residents. What can we provide:

  • - Guidance from start to finish in setting up your company in Spain.

  • - Complete administration and accounting of your small company or as self employed.

  • - Declaring the periodic tax returns and/or annual income tax for fiscal residents in Spain.

  • - Fiscal representation for non-residents and the handling of the annual tax declarations, such as the real estate tax and the non-residents income tax.

  • - Taking care of the quarterly declarations in case of commercial rentals by non-residents.

  • - Calculating and presenting Capital Gains or Loss Tax.

  • - Allegation Letters.
Contabilidad - Accounting - Sunflowere Costa Blanca


Testament - Testamentos - Sunflowere Costa Blanca

In cooperation with the Local Spanish Notary we can assist you in various matters such as:

  • - Conveyancing, passing deeds of purchase and sale of properties.

  • - The drafting and execution of a Last Will and Testament for your (Spanish) possessions and the drafting and/or translation of Proxies and Legitimations.

  • - Organise the inheritance deeds. We will assist you and/or the other next of kin in the event of the death of family members and handle the administrative part in Spain.

  • - Passing the property in your name after a divorce or removing one or more owners of the title deeds and land registry.

  • - The removal of encumbrances such as a mortgages or loans.

  • - Legalising constructions such as extensions, swimming pools, sheds, etc.

We work together with our Spanish lawyer in the office for all legal consultations and with local architects for all necessary certificates necessary for the Notary Deeds


We are a certified insurance broker, operating under the name Sunflower Insurance Agent, SL and registered under number DGSFP AVS 2010-034 in the General Register of Insurances and Pension Funds.

We work with various insurance companies in order to provide you with the best offers and to compare which policy best suits your situation

  • - Liberty

  • - Arag

  • - Asssa

  • - Caser

  • - Plus Ultra

You can take on any kind of insurances with us, for example:

  • - Home contents and building insurance; also for owners who rent out their properties.

  • - Private health insurance.

  • - Dental coverage.

  • - Liability and accident coverage.

  • - Car insurance.

  • - Pension plans.

  • - Business insurance.

  • - Legal expenses insurance.

  • - Funeral plans.

  • - Pet insurance.

Please feel free to make an appointment and ask us for a consult on whether you are properly insured. We can compare your current policy with various offers from our companies, and give you a free quotation!

Seguros - Insurances - Sunflowere Costa Blanca


Testament - Testamentos - Sunflowere Costa Blanca

When you have found the right property it is very important you appoint an independent advisor or solicitor who will oversee the whole process and makes sure everything is legal & correct. The process of buying can be tricky, especially if it is your first time in Spain buying a property.

Sunflower CostaBlanca, sl offers you the complete service you need, all under one roof:

  • - Advice on and assistance with opening a Spanish bank account.

  • - Applying for the NIE Number and assistance in obtaining it.

  • - Translating and supervising mortgage applications at the bank and advising on payments.

  • - Legal-administrative research into ownership, existing encumbrances, debts, possession of the correct documentation, etc.

  • - Drawing up or checking reservation agreement / contract.

  • - Conveying and settlement of outstanding matters with the relevant estate agent, builder or solicitor on the other side.
  • - Estimates for a good insurance policy.

  • - Full after-sales service, such as presenting the Transfer Tax, registering the property in the Land Registry, changing over the utilities, registration with the tax authorities, etc.

* And once the house is in your name we continue our service as your tax advisor for your annual tax returns or fiscal representative and presentation of yearly taxes *

Are you looking to sell your property? We will organize all necessary paperwork for the house to be ready when a buyer presents himself and handle the sale for a reasonable fee.

Are you starting to look for a house or are you thinking of selling, Sunflower Real Estate is a separate branch of Sunflower CostaBlanca, which was established purely for the purpose of mediation in the purchase and sale of homes. We can offer your home for sale and we will promote it on our website, in our office, with signs and if agreed on social media, portals and other electronic media. Or, advise and assist you in your search for your dream home. If you want to buy a plot and build yourself, we can also assist in the purchase of a plot of land and the subsequent construction of a home on it, in cooperation with reliable Spanish contractors and architects. If you are going to build yourself or if the contractor has already arranged a builder for you, we can help you with the translation of e.g. contracts and offers and the handling of permits, taxes, registration and notary.

Keep in mind the importance to always have all legal, fiscal and administrative affairs checked out before you sign, so please don´t hesitate to ask us for more information!