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Who we are

Pedro Balsalobre Caro was born and raised in Alicante, Spain.

He graduated from the University of Alicante as an Economist in 1999 and then obtained his Master's degree in Economics and Banking. After his studies, he gained years of experience in Spanish business, in banking, taxation and business administration. He is a member of the Association of Business Economists (registration number 2212/Alicante). In 2008 he also added the title “Curso superior de Seguros” to his curriculum (advanced course in insurances).

Pedro is responsible for all tax and insurance matters and business administration.

Denise Ulendorp was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Graduated in 1998 at the Hogeschool Holland in Diemen, the Netherlands, in Higher Education, specialised in International Business Administration, Law, Marketing and Languages. She has completed several courses, including 6 months at the University of Zaragoza and 1 month at the Fachhochschule in Nürtingen, in 2019 she also obtained the Certificate Agente Exclusivo de Seguros.

She is fluent in the following languages: English, German, Spanish and Dutch and understands a fair bit of French. In 2001 she emigrated to Spain where she gained experience over the years in the housing sector (guidance purchase and sale and rental), assisting foreign (non)-residents, asesoria & administration, mortgages and insurances and also administration at municipal level as advisor to the foreigners of the local municipality.

Denise is General Manager and Advisor, Interpreter and Insurance Consultant.

The collaboration came about in 2008, when they founded the Ltd. Company Sunflower CostaBlanca, together with Jan Ulendorp (now retired) and festively opened their first offices in Calle Florencio Celdrán to the public on 28 March 2009. After 7 years and adding 2 new employees the office became a bit too small and so the current building at Calle Pilar Miró, 34A was opened in September 2015. In 2023 the office will relocate to Formentera del Segura where we have bought an office space and again have possibility to expand.

The rest of the team consists of:

Mayte, she has a university degree in labour law and is responsible in the back office for business administration, social security and taxes.

Adela, she speaks fluent English and is responsible for the reception and incoming calls, intermediary for the back office and assists with Extranjería, Traffic Office and insurance claims.

A partnership with Maria del Mar Serna Rocamora, lawyer, she is a member of the Official College of Lawyers in Alicante, registration number 1697. She is specialized in community law, family law and labour law.

And Sandra, she speaks fluent English and Dutch, a fair bit of German and Italian and assists Denise at the Notary, preparing documents and translation, and she handles insurances and is our responsible for the management and sale of real estate